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Northern Virginia CFO Services

CFO-level insight and expertise enables companies to make more efficient and effective use of their financial data.  Considering the significant educational and professional investments made by these professionals, their salary requirements sometimes keep them and their knowledge just outside the reach of many Northern Virginia companies.  If you and your company recognize the impact that a CFO can have on your long-term success, but you aren’t ready for a full-time, in-house CFO, Lescault and Walderman has a solution for you:  Virtual CFO Services, Part-time CFO Services, and/or Interim CFO Services.

Northern Virginia CFO Services


Virtual CFO Services

Smaller nonprofits and startups often take advantage of our Virtual CFO Services.  Under this arrangement, one of our knowledgeable professionals will provide off-site CFO services to your organization on a part-time basis, according to your specific needs and budget.

Part-Time CFO Services

Companies in the growth phase benefit from our part-time CFO Services.  Under this arrangement, your organization will be provided with an on-site CFO according to a preset and agreed upon work schedule that may range from once or twice a month to 2 or 3 days/week.

Interim CFO Services

Considering the corporate competition for top financial officers, many of our clients have come to us with a temporary need for CFO expertise and maintenance while searching for a long-term replacement for exiting professionals.  Under this arrangement, LWI will provide up to a full-time interim CFO to ensure a seamless operational transition from the outgoing to the incoming.

All of our CFO Services focus on understanding and gleaning insight and operational guidance from your financial data.  This can involve everything from budgeting and forecasting to financial modeling and cash flow analysis.


All business owners understand and respect the importance of operational budgets. Unfortunately, many don’t have the training or expertise needed to create one that will realistically guide their operational expenses with any degree of reliability or accuracy. With years of experience developing and managing operational budgets, Lescault and Walderman can help you to implement a fully functioning budget that provides effective controls and ensures ultimate profitability.


Effective forecasting tools allow businesses to keep their expenditures in line with the annual budget. Without them, businesses lack the information necessary for operational planning and sustained profitability. That’s why our Northern Virginia accounting services include reliable forecasting tools to provide the data needed to create a path to long-term success.

Cash Flow Analysis

The careful study of the flow of cash through your business (and the shortfalls or surpluses that occur) is critically important to the day-to-day operation. Maintaining adequate cash flow can be the difference between short-term failure or long-term growth and profitability. Lescault and Walderman has the expertise and tools needed to provide an accurate analysis of this vital corporate life source so you’re able to prepare a reliable budget, plan for future capital expenditures, etc.

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